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Retreat Anand welcomes you to Lansdowne & corbett lansdowne resort

Lansdowne is a charming little hill station in Pauri region of Uttaranchal,uttarakhand. It was originally a popular hill station with the Britishers,so that place s popular from the 80 centuries. Attracted by its natural beauty and climate, they established a cantonment here. It was founded by Lord Lansdowne in 1887 A.D., thus the place has been named after him.

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About Lansdowne

Before British visited here, this town was known as, Kaludanda, meaning 'Black Hill' in local language. The town of Lansdowne came into prominence in the year 1887 when it was named after then Viceroy of British Indian state. By the year 1901 the population of this town reached 3943 and henceforth started the journey of Lansdowne gaining importance. Soon British developed this town as a base for new recruit training centre. Pre independence Lansdowne also played significant role, contributing towards the freedom struggle of India. Even today Lansdowne remains the headquarters for 'Garhwal Rifles', light infantry arm of the Indian Army.

The best part of this town is its natural beauty and weather which makes it distinctly different in the region. Lansdowne is located at a height of 1,706 meters (5,597 feet) in the Pauri-Garhwal region. Its distance from the national capital of New Delhi is around 250 kms and is well connected through road and train network. The nearest Railway station to Lansdowne is Kotdwar which is about 37 kms away

The thick forests, vegetation & lovely climate around Lansdowne make it an ideal place to just relax! Leaving all the worries far behind. Tall oak and blue pine trees promises to rejuvenate your body and soul. It is also popular among those who would like to go for long walks and treks right in the lap of Mother Nature. Natural trek routes are available for both amateurs and expert trekkers. You may choose to take a trek which would last from a few hours to few days. The panoramic views of snow covered Himalayan Peaks add glitter to the beauty of this place. Lansdowne is just a perfect destination for people who love to be close to unadulterated and pristine natural beauty.

Town Area : 5 SqKm

Altitude : 1,706 meters (5,597feet)

Season : Throughout the year

Language : Garhwali, Hindi, English

Clothing : Cottons (summers), Heavy Woollens (winters)

Air Link : Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun is about 152 kms away

Rail Link : Kotdwar Raiway Station is about 37 Kms away

When in Lansdowne best would be to just absorb the nature around you and fill your lungs with some fresh air. If you would like some more, there is plenty to see in and around

Garhwal Rifles War Memorial : This major attraction of town was inaugurated way back in 1923 and is located in the Parade ground.

Garhwal Rifles Museum : This museum hosts some rare collection of war memorabilia and can be visited together with the War Memorial.

Tiffin Top : This has become one of important tourist attractions in Lansdowne as one can witness panoramic view of Himalayas from this viewing point.

Bulla Tal : This is an artificial Lake developed and marinated by Garhwal Rifles which has been developed as a small picnic spot in Lansdowne where people can enjoy boating.

Tarkeshwar Mahadev : This 'Lord Shiva' Temple is located at a distance of around 30 kms from Lansdowne and best known for its beautiful surroundings. At a height of 1,800 meters this temple is surrounded by 'deodar' and 'pine' trees. During 'Shivratri' a special worship is done and a local fair is organized. This places is also visited many Indians and foreigners for meditation.

Bhim Pakora : These are self balancing stones which are believed to placed in such a manner by Bhim (Reference Mahabharata), during 'Agayat Vas' of 'Padavas'. Though this 15 MT (15000 Kg) stone can easily be made to wobble on its axis but never slides down the slope.

St. Mary's Church (Methodist Church) : This nineteenth century artistic church is a witness of British era and legacy in Lansdowne.

St. John's Church (Roam Catholic Church) : This is more modern when compared to the ST. Mary's Church and the only Church of worship currently in Lansdowne

Christian Cemetery : This cemetery is well maintained cemetery which is frequented by many foreigners whose near and dear ones are buried here.

Tiger cave : This natural habitat of tiger is located just 400 meters away from the resort.

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